Testing & Quality Control

Color quality control

Qtex is the ideal tool for colorimetric quality control. The system allows fast, flexible and competent color evaluation for laboratory and production. Practice-oriented functions support efficient measurement, evaluation and reporting.

Qtex is a part of the Sedo Treepoint product family and can therefore easily be connected to one or several other systems of the Sedo Treepoint product family. The system can be installed as Client - Server network application.

Typical Qtex applications:

  • Color difference measurement Pass/Fail
  • Efficient product control and data recording
  • Statistic evaluation
  • Intelligent creation of tolerance range
  • Color sorting
  • Color communication
  • Check fastness according to ISO grey scale
  • Whiteness and yellowness measurement
  • Whiteness according GANZ-GRIESSER
  • Comparison of color strength and standard depth
  • Freely configurable data base
  • Wash test according to IEC456 standard
  • Color control according to EN 471 for background material

Advantages of Qtex:

Time- and cost savings thanks to fast and clear decisions regarding Pass/Fail, whiteness degree, color sorting, etc.

Quality improvement, better color constancy, optimized correction methods, improved color communication with partners, etc.

More flexibility and efficiency through usage of optimized tolerance range, customized evaluations and report, import of measuring data from portable Spectrophotometers. All required information on a single screen.

Download brochure https://sedo-treepoint.com/downloads/Qtex_en_print.pdf


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