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Recipe calculation for coatings

For use in pigment based industries e.g. paint, leather coating, cosmetics, etc.

The PrismaPaint recipe calculation system provides advanced colorimetric color matching for pigment based applications. In the Lab and in production, recipes can be quickly and easily calculated, optimized, corrected and stored in a clear, easy-to-use recipe database.

A basic recipe can be expanded by an auxiliar recipe (for use of auxiliaries), resulting in a production recipe.

PrismaPaint is a part of the Sedo Treepoint product family and can therefore easily be connected to one or several other systems of the Sedo Treepoint product family. The system can be installed as Client - Server network application.

Recipe calculation for coatings

Typical Prisma applications:

  • Intelligent color matching based on proven recipes.
  • Grouping of pigments according fastness and painting behavior allows quick and systematic pigment selection.
  • Selection of calculated recipe according to criteria. E.g. color difference, metameric, price etc.
  • Computer simulation of product in application.
  • Formula correction and additions are possible in the laboratory and production areas.
  • A powerful database manages proven recipes for laboratory and production.
  • Manual input of existing recipes.
  • Measure pigment data.
  • Graphical and numerical pigment analysis.
  • Integration of key systems, e.g. host systems, laboratory dosing systems, production management systems and color quality control.

Advantages of Prisma:

Time- and cost savings by reduced recipe costs, fewer lab trials, improved lab-production transfer, fewer additions in production. Production Formula Output including auxiliaries.

Quality improvement by optimized recipes with good application behavior, quick and objective PASS/FAIL decisions, optimized process.

More flexibility and efficiency by precise and easy to use color matching, adjust to variety of material, quick conversion to new pigments, improvement of color communication with customer.

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