Drive Systems

Novel drive system for jiggers and winding applications without sensors

SedoDrive is a drive system for jiggers and winding drives, it is based on the latest generation of electrical helical-bevel geared motors. Because of the aggressive environments the sensor for fabric tensioning control is often a weak link in more traditional systems, Sedodrive operates without a sensor for fabric tension control. Furthermore costs for maintenance and long machine standstill times during overhauling of conventional drives can be saved. The drive system consists of a complete package, containing motors, gear boxes, inverters and machine controller. All functions are already included in the control software. All components are already pre-programmed and adapted to each other. Special control functions like control of fabric tension and control of fabric speed are already integrated in the control software. The use of SedoDrive simplifies machine construction, ensures production safety and cuts costs for repair and maintenance in production.

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