Continuous Controllers
Sedomat 5800+

High-performance touch screen controller for continuous machines

The Sedomat 5800+ is the optimal choice for demanding continuous machine automation. The powerful touch screen operation concept allows even complex processes to be controlled easily.

Now being water-proof to IP67, it guarantees high quality and reliability for rugged environments. Having RFID support, it offers new possibilities in data acquisition.

Total machine view or detailed view on machine sections and devices offers comfortable machine operation. An external PLC is not required because the Sedomat 5800+ is equipped with an integrated high-performance soft-PLC. External devices can be connected using internal I/O’s and external I/O’s, connected via Profibus. The Ethernet interface enables an integration into the standard TCP/IP network.

The Sedomat 5800+ can be used as a flexible data acquisition terminal expanded by a barcode or mobile wireless laser scanner. The collected data can be used for management reports in SedoMaster or within the ERP solution.

Designed for continuous machine control

Applications and concept:

  • Controls all continuous machines such as singeing machines, bleaching ranges, mercerizing machines, washing machines, dryers, continuous dyeing machines, stenters, shrinking machines, decating machines, calenders, raising and emery machines, etc.
  • Control of speed, residual moisture, exhaust air humidity, fabric temperature, dwell time, shrinking and stretching, pH, fabric width, etc.
  • By simultaneously executing two batches and several functions, the next batch can be prepared, while the current batch is still active.
  • Ethernet TCP/IP network: link to SedoMaster and communication with other systems.
  • Integration with chemical dispensing and automation of dye kitchen.
  • Storage of a virtually unlimited number of recipes programs.
  • Logging of recipe parameters, alarms, etc. Visualization of process information on Sedomat 5800+ or on a remote PC.
  • Support of different languages and character sets, e.g. Chinese.
  • Can be used as data acquisition terminal.
  • Data logging via cloud services.
  • RFID support for e.g. operator logon/logoff.
  • Internet technology (integrated web server): for remote access from any PC in the plant network.
  • PC based: built around a high performance state of the art PC-CPU board.
  • Color touch screen: intuitive user interface, easily adopted by operators. Any recipe parameter (heating, fixation time, etc.) can be activated by just touching this parameter on the screen. Push buttons on screen replace push buttons on panel.
  • OPC: OLE for Process Control: integration with supervisory systems.
  • Windows CE: robust operating system tailored for industrial applications.
  • USB interface: for inexpensive devices like memory keys, (copy/save programs) and other PC peripherals.
  • Options:
    - Barcode reader for tracking and data acquisition purposes,
    - USB memory stick,
    - USB Interface extension with panel wall connection,
    - Touch screen stylus



  • 12,1" TFT
  • color
  • 800 x 600 pixels
  • Touchscreen

Internal I/O (max.):

  • 48 digital inputs
  • 48 digital outputs
  • 4 PT100 inputs
  • 4 analogue inputs 0-20mA
  • 8 analog outputs 0-20mA
  • 4 fast counter inputs

External I/O (option):

  • SedoIO-P
  • Profi 16 / Profi 32 module, connection via Profibus DP


  • RS232 for PC programming tools
  • Ethernet: link to SedoMaster and other network systems,
  • 2x USB for memory key and other PC peripherals

Power supply:

24V DC, 2.0 A

Ambient temperature:

0 - 50°C (32 - 122°F)


390 x 320 x 175 mm (w x h x d)

Panel cut out:

372 x 302 (w x h) ± 1mm


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